Contemplative Outreach of Central & Eastern North Carolina

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About Contemplative Outreach of Central & Eastern North Carolina

We are the organization that supports Centering Prayer groups, offers Quarterly Mornings of Prayer, coordinates annual retreats and  is known as Contemplative Outreach of Central and Eastern North Carolina (CO/CENC).

For a group near you, click on Centering Prayer Groups in the left column of this page.

CO/CENC also publishes an Event Email. To be put on the mailing list for CO/CENC and the Event Email, please send your contact information (name, address, phone, email) to our List Administrator, Al Sabow,

As a network, we use the Event Email to keep individual practitioners and groups connected with each other. Our email publicizes the events available to the network, including CO/CENC quarterly days of prayer, retreat opportunities, and other news of the network.

To schedule an introduction to Centering Prayer or Lectio Divina contact John Kelsey, email
​or Amy Roosje, email

Regional Network

Contemplative Outreach of Western Carolina 
Coordinator--Becky Hannah, phone:828-702-3518

Contemplative Outreach of Piedmont NC
Coordinator--Judy O'Toole

Outlying Groups and Facilitators

Arapahoe: Christa Metzger, e-mail:
Greenville: Ann Harrington, e-mail:
New Bern: Ruth Cox, e-mail:
Southern Pines, Penny O'Donnell, e-mail:
Wilmington: Joan Regan, e-mail:

International Network

Our local group is affiliated with Contemplative Outreach Ltd., the network dedicated to supporting individuals and Centering Prayer Groups through information sharing, sponsoring longer retreats, and providing multi-media resources.

The Vision of Contemplative Outreach

The intent of Contemplative Outreach is to foster the process of transformation in Christ in one another through the practice of Centering Prayer.