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Contemplative Outreach of Central & Eastern North Carolina
Enrichment Day

Commitment, Relationship, Community & Deepening
. . . . .all part of the ministry of Centering Prayer.

Facilitators, co- facilitators, and steadfast group members play a critical role in building a spiritual community. Enrichments days are full-day sessions devoted to topics of special interest to facilitators and other long-time practitioners. In addition to several sits of Centering Prayer, they have included such topics as small group dynamics, the Contemplative Outreach vision and purpose, Lectio Divina, the Welcoming prayer and self-compassion. 

Quarterly Mornings of Prayer

All quarterlies are held on Saturday mornings, from 9 a.m. to noon

Description of a Quarterly
The Mornings of Prayer were begun to unite the wider network in fellowship, prayer, and faith sharing. They are held on the third Saturday of the months of March, June, September and December. Each Quarterly is hosted by different prayer group, from a different part of the Triangle. The September quarterly has evolved into a full day of prayer as noted above.

The mornings last from 9 a.m. to around noon. They include the following elements:
and fellowship
Meditative Walk
Video or Reading
Faith Sharing

The day begins with registration and fellowship around coffee and simple refreshments.
Each prayer time consists of two or three "sits" of Centering Prayer (a 'sit' is twenty minutes of silent intention to be united to God).
After each 20 minute session, those who wish to may participate in a meditative walk, silently retaining God's presence and your intention to be attentive, while also walking slowly in a circle with the group. All then return for another "sit" or two, depending on the plan for the day.
After prayer and a break for refreshments, we see a video or read from a spiritual master. The input session is followed by faith sharing. We then help the host group to clear up and disperse by noon.
A Time and a Place Apart...

A time apart, a place apart to experience more deeply the silence of Centering Prayer: That has been our theme and our goal since we first began sponsoring retreats. We retreat, not to escape from the world, but to open to love so that we may bring it back to the world. Details and Registration Forms will be posted when available.

Retreats Hosted by Contemplative Outreach of Central and Eastern North Carolina:

Agape Retreat Center
Four Day Silent Retreat
February 8-11, 2018

Four Day Retreat
Place: Agape Retreat Center, 
Fuquay Varina, North Carolina
Time: Thursday supper to Sunday lunch
Tentative plan:
  • Centering Prayer in sessions of three "sits" (a "sit" is a 20-min period of silence) several sessions each day
  • Optional Morning and Evening prayer based on the Psalms
  • Silent Meals in the Dining Room
  • Free time

Please register by December 15, 2017. If we don't have 12 participants by December 31, 2017 we will have to cancel the retreat.
Agape 2018 Registration Form

For more information, contact Leslie Bellard at 919-906-3110 or

Avila Retreat Center
Three Day Retreat - $200 - $220 options
Time: Friday supper to Sunday at 11:00am
Centering Prayer in sessions of two "sits" (a "sit" is a 20-min period of silence) several sessions each day
Optional Morning and Evening prayer based on the psalms
Silent Meals in the Dining Room
Free time for hiking, journaling, labyrinth walking. napping, drawing, and being...

Mepkin Abbey
Centering Prayer Retreats are offered 1-2 times a month at Mepkin Abbey. Please visit their website for more information.
Mepkin Abbey, Monck's Corner, South Carolina
Centering Prayer sits, The Divine Liturgy, 
Silent Meals in the Refectory...Free time 

Thomas Merton has perhaps put his finger on the reason for a retreat into silence when he describes the effect of his life in the monastery:
"Actually, I have come to the monastery to find my place in the world, and if I fail to find this place, I will be wasting my time in the monastery. . . Coming to the monastery has been, for me, exactly the right kind of withdrawal. It has given me perspective. It has taught me how to live. Now I owe everyone else in the world a share in that life."
 (The Intimate Merton: His Life from His Journals, ed. P. Hart & J. Montaldo, p. 80-81)
Quarterly Morning of Prayer at St Francis of Assisi, Raleigh
Saturday, December 16, 2017
St. Francis of Assisi Church, Raleigh
9 a.m. until noon

Address: 11401 Leesville Rd., Raleigh, NC 27613
We meet in Anthony Hall

For more information, contact Alice Stanford 919-781-5860
A Reminder to Pause, A time of Silence . . . .